S A M A N T H A  P L A T E R O


Samantha was born into a family with a long tradition of Navajo silversmithing dating back to her great grandparents. This craft was passed down to her late grandfather Ramon Platero from his father Pablo Platero, who was a well-known silversmith with great talent. Ramon and Samantha's late grandmother Louise Platero continued to hand craft their jewelry with the Platero name. 

Both of Samantha’s grandparents became well respected silversmiths and known for their unique trademark; the holly leaf.  The leaf later influenced other silversmiths to incorporate the leaf design in Native American jewelry.  Both of her grandparents made jewelry and tended to their farm as a way of life. 

Samantha found it inevitable to continue the family tradition and carry on the values and craft that her grandparents embodied and lived.  Inspired by the highest quality and hand made techniques of her grandparents Samantha collaborates with Navajo silversmiths to create finely crafted pieces that translate Native American traditional jewelry with a modern vision.